Neerja Ahuja Interview at Total Wellness Radio with Dan Young

We are very privileged to be interviewed by Dan Young of Total Wellness Radio. Dan Young captures and documents various clinical experience with natural wellness protocols. He interviews people from all over who are in the natural wellness profession. In his podcast, you will gain valuable insight into the sometimes misunderstood and certainly not well known world of natural, non-invasive protocols that people have used for thousands of years to promote normal function and achieve optimum health.

Neerja Ahuja Interview

In this podcast session with Dan Young, some of the topics discussed were:

  • What is Ayurveda?
  • What prompted Neerja to become a catalyst of health and wellness through Ayurveda
  • Appointments at AAC
  • How to listen to what your body is telling you?
  • What are the tools used in Ayurveda to help you achieve health and wellness?
  • An online course to help you understand your Mind-Body type
  • Winning moments for the Ayurveda Awareness Centre

Neerja Ahuja Interview

Before becoming an Ayurveda practitioner, Neerja Ahuja was a mathematician and a computer program specialist. She took a time off from work to take good care of her children. As a young mom, she was told by others that she will be running to the doctors most of the time as little children usually get sick. However, Neerja always believes in prevention, healthy lifestyle, and living well.

Neerja started looking for seminars about health and wellness that she can attend, but to no avail, there were no events around the community promoting natural wellness. That’s when she decided to organize a seminar that will benefit her and others. Fortunately, Dr Rajen Cooppan just arrived from South Africa and became Neerja’s mentor.

“It’s a divine direction and passion” that’s how Neerja described her Ayurveda journey. From the first one day seminar she organized, it became a 1 month course, and then 1 year, until finally, Neerja completed her full four year course on Ayurveda. From this journey filled with passion to help others keep their health – Ayurveda Awareness Center in Australia was born and is successfully operating for almost two decades now!

The Ayurveda Awareness Center (AAC) is the first and recognized health modality in Australia. AAC is also the first clinic in WA to be an RTO (Registered Training Organization), teaching nationally recognized Ayurveda courses, with an internationally renowned mentor and teacher, Dr Rajen Cooppan. Neerja’s intimate connection with the Indian culture and her personal interest in holistic healing, Indian herbs and cuisine gives a unique authenticity to her teaching, practice, and presentations on Ayurveda. Her work as a course facilitator for nationally recognized courses, seminars, workshops, retreats and  consultations with thousands of clients, has deepened her understanding of human psychology and why and how people get sick and how they can truly heal.

Listen to the full podcast here.

Neerja Ahuja
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