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The Ayurveda Awareness Centre (AAC) is a holistic clinic offering acclaimed Ayurveda courses and treatments in Australia.

Our main objective is to preserve, promote and restore mind body spirit balance. We are one of the oldest ayurvedic treatment clinics in Australia – operating out of Applecross, Perth since 20 Years.

AAC is able to help clients achieve this balance by creating  custom diet and lifestyle most suited to their unique mind-body complex (called Prakruti), and detoxification and rejuvenation treatments for prevention of ill health. So come to nurture yourself, increase vitality, and improve health with a lifestyle consultation, Panchakarma treatments or Ayurvedic learning programs.

In Sanskrit, the language of Ayurveda,  the word for health is “Swasthya”, which has a profound meaning. It is made of two root Sanskrit words – “Swa” or the Self and “Stha” meaning rooted or centered. So Swasthya can be roughly translated as “Rooted or Centered in one’s own Self”.

At AAC, we aim at bringing you “Swasthya” so you are “Swastha”, a healthy being, where your physical, mental, emotional health enables your Body, Mind, and Spirit are able to function in perfect harmony. Read More


  • "In 1996 I became ill to the point that I could no longer work full time as a registered nurse and midwife, as I had been doing for the past 24 years. My health problems were a mystery in that the doctors I consulted were treating some of my symptoms but I was steadily getting worse. No diagnosis and no cure. Eventually in 2001, I was told that the only option left to me was narcotic infusions to control the pain. At that stage I was on wheelchair, unable to walk the length of our home. I needed to be assisted with showers, dressing and all daily living activities. I was preparing to die, soon.

    My husband introduced me to Ayurveda and my family began to see some possibility that I might not die after all, I was prepared to try Ayurvedic lifestyle changes but did not really expect to see much improvement. In 2004, after completing another three weeks on intensive detoxification, I am walking independently, not even using my stick; I have been driving myself to and from Fremantle every day for treatment; I am able to cope with most daily stresses, don’t seem to be depressed and I’m now accepting greater community involvement.

    I am pain free and off all medication. My wheelchair is only used to “walk” distances greater than 80 meters e.g. shopping centers, and those distances will increase, as I get stronger. I am beginning to look to the future and set goals again. I am shifting the paradigms of my life. I feel encouraged and hopeful again."

    A G
  • "I am continually surprised by the “physical” sensation, the very conscious movement of emotions and stress during my treatments. The realness of my body’s reactions was very confirming and encouraging. It was important to me to witness by body reacting & changing under the influence of the treatments regardless of my previous emotional habits and barriers. My very grateful thanks to everyone. I am stunned by the therapists’ level of skill and confidence in treatments. Blessings and much love."

    T R
  • "Wonderful faultless service!! From the very first treatment I was aware of how fully the therapists were focused upon my needs and comforts. Each movement and gesture was done with grace, care and confidence. I felt very secure, confident and free to open up to whatever the treatment might present.Very special people with a very special place!"

    T R
  • "Fabulous! Therapist made me feel loved, nurtured and cared for. Not only that, but I had few emotional revelations which will help me in the future."
    N P
  • "I am absolutely astonished at the level of commitment, compassion and thoughtfulness which I have experienced during my treatment from the therapists. I feel that I have been extremely well looked after and supported. 12 out of 10!"
    N L
  • "Dear Neerja/ Jatinder and Team Thank you all very much for your generous hospitality and warm spirit at the Ayurveda weekend retreat. We thoroughly enjoyed the Ayurveda practices, yummy food and good company. I am managing to maintain my practices. I feel greatly energized and inspired for my work." 
    S E, Margaret River
  • "Dear Neerja and Team Thank you for a wonderful, relaxing and nurturing weekend away. When I came along on Friday night, I was very stressed and unbalanced. But on Sunday when I left I was a new person. Since the weekend I have implemented various things I learnt so as to be more productive. The result has been fantastic. I am feeling much more in control and less stressed.

    As a self employed, taking care of my health is incredibly important. I feel that your retreat has helped re-balance my mind, body and spirit. Again – Thank You!"

    B F
  • "I feel more at peace with myself. My skin is notably smoother. I have slept well."
    T H
  • "I felt welcome, considered and nurtured along the way of my journey to softness. I have recognized the benefits of “softness” - in a perceived harshness of modern living – it doesn’t seem to be harsh. I feel I’m observing and feeling what’s going on around me in a far more meaningful way. There’s going to be more & it doesn’t seem important to say too much now ….."

    L H, one of our male clients
  • "I feel I have been smoothed so that negativity doesn’t stick so easily anymore. I feel less prickly, nervy and anxious, stressed and panicky. I am more centered. Don’t seem to buy into negative emotions and thoughts, as much so developed a healthier perspective. Feel more balanced all round & clearer on what is my stuff & what I tend to pick up on. It was like a big sigh of relief from my body where nothing seems like a big deal any more. I feel a change in the belief that life is a struggle and I need to suffer a great deal before I can change & heal. Feel something is supporting me and I don’t feel alone. Feel nurtured and trusting towards Ayurveda and the holistic approach. Feel relieved at last to have found what I needed."

    Y B
  • "My eyesight is clear brighter – the world looks brighter. I feel more accepting of life as it is Today. I am constantly grateful for having been able to receive all the nurturing and love from the treatments. In my meditation I feel relaxed and loving towards myself. I feel generally more present and ready to have another go at being and treating myself better – body mind and spirit."

    C Z Margaret River
  • "Almost as good as SEX"
    G M
  • "The service carried out by the therapists was superb. I experienced deep sense of relaxation and both body and mind went to sleep. The feeling of tranquility is very rejuvenating. The therapists were so very gentle and professional. Totally enjoyed the experience of Panchakarma.

    The generosity, hospitality and love shown is greatly appreciated. Thank you one and all at the Ayurveda Awareness Centre."

    A S
  • "Excellent – The treatments far surpassed my expectations. The therapists were very focused. They showed great sensitivities to my feelings. They were very attuned to what they were doing – creating a highly meditative atmosphere which helped me go deeply into the treatments, mind body and spirit. I felt valued emotionally and physically. I was definitely made to feel that my needs came first and that I was cherished."

    P B
  • "Excellent in that those who provided this most amazing service were deeply caring, sensitive and focused at all times on my wellbeing at every stage. I felt nurtured and loved and surrounded by uplifting energy. I was able to deeply relax and let go. It felt so good to receive from Hands that were connected to the Hearts and this was sustained throughout every treatment. A delicate and sensitive assurance was felt at all times. The gentle support was formidable. Thank You."

    Dorothea, WA
  • "Fabulous – I felt exceptionally safe & comfortable. Very nurturing experience. Service was infallible. Every single tiny detail taken into consideration. Treatments were perfect."

    L N, Perth
  • "The therapists were very gentle and caring at all times. This was a fantastic experience – the body, the mind and the skin, all felt nourished."

    J W
  • “The treatments were very carefully done, with lots of warmth and observation. The week of treatments was beyond belief”
    B A
  • “I feel like a Woman, I was treated like a princess, very nurturing and would give a five star rating ”
    M C. Perth.
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