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What is Health? An Ayurvedic Definition

Health is that condition of the body, in which all its functions are efficiently performed without any difficulty. It is the condition of comfort, ease, ability to eat, move and perform other functions of life. It is the state which results from harmonious performances of the various functions of the bodily organs. It is the condition of the body, where every organ or part of it is healthy, and performs without pain or suffering, the tasks that it is supposed to perform.


If the stomach and bowels have all their natural strength and efficiently do their work in the digestion of food,  If the heart and its blood vessels circulate the blood effectively,  If the lungs work properly in allowing the blood to receive its supply of oxygen,  If the brain performs all its functions and if the skin carries off the perspiration normally, the main conditions of health are fulfilled.

It is that state in which a person is joyful, sings, smiles and laughs.

A life with good health is a great blessing. What will we do with all the money in the world, If we cannot eat well, because of a disease of the stomach, cannot walk due to rheumatism,  cannot see the beautiful sceneries of nature, due to eye problems, or stress. Health brings joy, health is wealth. With what has this year brought for the whole world, we can see how health is so important. Without health, we cannot earn wealth, and we cannot put in the strenuous effort. Good health is the most desirable possession that we can have. Health is a positive state. It is not simply absence of disease. Modern medicine simply defines health as a lack of disease, injury, or pain, but it’s much more than that.

Ayurvedic Definition of Health 

A healthy person is defined as someone whose doshas must be in equilibrium, the digestive fire is in a balanced state and the tissues and wastes working in a normal, balanced state. The sensory and motor organs, sense organs, mind, and Soul must be also in a pleasant state. Such a person is, who is balanced in all those areas, is called a healthy person or Swastha.

“Samadosha, samagnischa samadhatumala kriyaha prasanna atmenindriya manaha swasthya ityabhidheeyate”.

Three doshas – vaata, kapha and pitta are in proper balance. Agni refers to digestive “fire” and capacity to digest is in balance. There are seven tissues, as per ayurveda, that make up our body. Those are dhatu.

Mala kriya is getting rid of the body waste.

Swasthya = state of being healthy

Good health is that state of equilibrium of the three doshas Vata, Pitta and kapha, where the mind and all the organs of the body work in harmony and the person enjoys peace and happiness and performs his/her duty of life with comfort and ease. It is that condition in which a person sleeps well has good digestion and appetite normal, breathing and a normal pulse good quantity of pure blood, strong nerves and a calm mind, a free movement of bowels, normal state of urine, shining face and sparkling eyes.

Preventative health – make sure to put that time in your diary, just like any project, and if you wish to come here, let us know asap to ensure that we also can have time in our diary pencilled in for you. Working on preventative health and enhancing quality of life to support you is in Q2, important but not urgent. Let it not become a crisis of Q1. One week every six months or so, and few things to be done at home is all you will need.

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