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Corona Virus – Raising Immunity with Ayurveda

Schools shut down, shopping malls closure, workplaces closed with people working from home, airlines grounding fleet, markets in mess, even some countries in a lockdown – this is the global impact caused by the COVID-19 Corona virus.


When Coronavirus affects a person, symptoms can be


  • Fever
  • flu-like symptoms such as coughing, sore throat and fatigue
  • shortness of breath

Symptoms of corona virus can range from mild illness to pneumonia. Some people will recover easily, and others, especially old people and those with immunodeficiencies may get sick very quickly.


Through coughing or sneezing, or by contact with hands, surfaces or objects contaminated with the virus, people can get infected. If an infected person’s saliva touches a surface, then that surface an become a virus zone for some time. Any person who touches that surface, eg, a doorknob, or button of a lift, has a possibility to contract this virus.


Raising Immunity with Ayurveda

Recommendations that are useful for immunity enhancement, as that is the way forward in supporting people in keeping them healthy.


The main thing we need to do is to enhance immunity, especially for the lungs and respiratory system. Strong immunity is necessary to fight any kind of foreign body or disease. As we can’t control external situations, we work on increasing our capacity to resist any disease.


These tips below are in addition to the common sense things eg washing hands etc, that are already being recommended through many media channels and blogs.


  • Guduchi (Tinospora Cordifolia). In Sanskrit, guduchi is also called as ‘Amrita’, which translates to ‘the root of immortality’. This herb, Guduchi is known for its many medicinal properties for all kind of disease, and as an immunity booster.
  • Amalaki (also one of the ingredients of triphala, another well known ancient formula) is an antioxidant and, a heat stable and rich source of Vitamin C, fruit, and an immunity booster.
  • Tulsi or sacred basil is another plant known for enhancing immunity and is traditionally used for all kind of cold, cough and flus. Tulsi herb is very effective in treating upper respiratory and lower respiratory diseases such as cough, cold, and dyspnea. Tulsi is strong anti viral, and strengthens respiratory system. It has antibacterial and antiviral properties. You can have tulsi leaves directly or consume it in the form of herbal tea. One herbal tea recipe given below.
  • This is good time to check out our turmeric latte recipe. Turmeric takes care of allergy and immunity. Known anti viral, anti bacterial and anti fungal spice. It has anti-inflammatory properties and gives a massive boost to your immune system.
  • Neem can be added to turmeric as well if taking as powder. Neem is good for fever and boosts immunity
  • Traditional herb mix called trikatu is part of first aid kit for all cold, and flus. It is useful as preventative for them. Trikatu promotes digestive strength, and is good for respiratory system
  • An ayurvedic supplement called Chyawanprash. This ancient recipe has been used for thousands of years for immunity enhancement amongst other things.
  • A drop or two of ghee or cold pressed sesame oil inside your nostrils and sniffing it in will lubricate the nasal passage and throat, and strengthen the inner mucus membrane to keep away foreign bodies.
  • Another tip is to reduce your sugar intake as sugar reduces your body’s immunity levels.
  • Pranayama or breathing exercise are good for strengthening respiratory system. Prana is the life force in our body. Pranayama means the exercise of increasing the life force in our body. Anulom-Vilom and bhramari pranayama are good and easy start. Learn from local yoga teacher if you do not know and incorporate in your daily routines for wellness.
  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the most effective way to protect yourself against coronavirus is by frequently cleaning of your hands with alcohol-based hand rub or washing them with soap and water.
  • Joy and enthusiasm can raise immunity. Stay joyful. One of the ways to increase joy is by increasing gratitude. See what good is coming through to you in this situation that whole world is in. Were you craving for some time out, or time to spend with children or family? Here it is now, use it.
  • There is no country, skin colour, community or religion that is immune to a virus. Maintain your humanity. Remain compassionate and graceful.

Recipe for immunity enhancing tea

A herbal decoction of 5-6 tulsi leaves, 5-6 pepper corns and 1 tsp grated fresh ginger in 2 cups of water, boiled and reduced to one cup is good preventative for cold and flu generally. You can add 1 tsp honey when ready to drink this if you like. Ginger takes care of fever and respiratory system. Black pepper is good for fevers, esp due to external factors like microbes.


Spices in kitchen that are valuable

pepper, ginger, turmeric, tulsi


Herbs or remedies

trikatu, guduchi, amalaki (also an ingredient of triphala)


Immune boosters

Guduchi, Amalaki, Ashwagandha, Licorice, Tulsi, chywanprash



We are not claiming to prevent or cure anything. Please consult your doctor if you think you may have reasons. This information is about managing, building and enhancing immunity in general, using ancient science of life, Ayurveda

Helpful health websites for information on Coronavirus


To help with being informed here are links to WHO and various government departments: the World Health Organisation

The Health Alert updates via the Department of Health

DHS Updates here 


Image source: Unsplash


About The Author

Neerja Ahuja

Neerja Ahuja

Neerja is a Trained Consultant, Yoga Therapist and Course Facilitator since 2001, teaching Ayurveda and running her clinical practice. Principal Consultant, Director and Course Facilitator at Ayurveda Awareness Centre (AAC) www.ayurveda-awareness.com.au , Adv. Dip. in Ayu., Dip in Human Values , M.A. (Mathematical Statistics), Grad. Dip. (Computing)

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