Ayurveda Awareness

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Diet and Lifesyle


To cater to your specific needs and preferences, we offer both one-off sessions and comprehensive packages, ensuring flexibility and personalised attention:

At Ayurveda Awareness, our Diet & Lifestyle consultation offers a transformative journey towards optimal well-being, guided by our experienced Ayurvedic practitioners and holistic wellness coaches. Going beyond a simple assessment, we deeply understand your body type through detailed questionnaires and thorough physical examinations, laying the foundation for a personalised plan that aligns perfectly with your unique mind-body type at our wellness centre.

One-Off Sessions:
Experience the power of our Diet & Lifestyle consultation through one-off sessions led by our highly trained consultants. These sessions provide invaluable insights and tailored recommendations to meet your needs. Benefit from a comprehensive evaluation of your body type, detailed guidance on rituals and strategies, and personalised support on your wellness journey as we empower you to unlock your innate healing abilities.

For a more immersive experience, our packages consist of a series of Diet & Lifestyle consultations, taking you on a transformative wellness journey. These packages offer ongoing guidance and support, empowering you to make lasting changes and achieve optimal well-being. Each session builds upon the previous one, deepening your understanding of Ayurveda and equipping you with the tools to integrate its principles into your everyday life.

Our Ayurveda packages are designed to empower you with knowledge and tools to optimise your well-being. Throughout this transformative journey, we act as your trusted partners, offering personalised support at every step. Let our ayurvedic therapy and lifestyle recommendations guide you towards unlocking your innate healing abilities, fostering harmony and balance in your life.

Understanding Your Mind-Body Type

Book your  session  and embark on a transformative path towards optimal health and vitality. Discover the profound benefits of Ayurveda as we unlock your true wellness potential through our Ayurvedic treatment packages, therapy training programs, ayurvedic workshops, and Ayurveda classes in Perth.