Reawakening the Spirit of Life.

/ Reawakening the Spirit of Life

Reawakening the Spirit of Life

According to Ayurveda, life is lived in 4 domains – Body, Senses, Mind and Soul. 3 out of these 4 are non-tangible/ subjective/ non-physical, so that’s where most of the life is lived. When disease manifests in physical body, not only we need to manage its symptoms, but also look at non-physical aspects of the being for long term health.

In this weekend learning program, we learn some fundamental concepts and philosophy of Ayurveda, and how this deep understanding of human nature and subjective understanding, how different qualities of mind affect our experience of life – at work and at home, what are three different kind of energies that need to be managed – the energy of thought, the energy of will and energy of physical work. These energies of head, heart and hands when in alignment, bring synergy that gives health and wellbeing.

Learning involves how we can use the practical tools of Ayurveda to change that experience.

We run this as a weekend or a retreat program format.

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