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Snehana Massage

Snehana Massage



Specific massage sequences are used in an hour long process that soften, loosen and dislodge toxins. This process is deeply relaxing and enjoyable as stress and toxins are released at all levels – physical, emotional and mental.

Snehana literally means to “nurture, to love, to heal, to express kindness and compassion” – and this is exactly what you will experience during the treatment.

  1. Deeply relaxing to the nervous system – a profound anti-stress treatment.
  2. Deeply relaxing to the muscles – relieves muscle stiffness, pain and nodules.
  3. Softens and loosens deep seated tissue toxins.
  4. Restores balance to the mind/body process.
  5. Releases emotional blocks stored in the tissue.

Allows the individual to become more tolerant and loving in nature.

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