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Self Care with Ayurveda – Basic Bundle (21 Weeks)


Self Care with Ayurveda – Basic Bundle (21 Weeks)


When you join our course, you will embark on a personal and spiritual journey that, when diligently practised, will let you achieve good health and well-being.

Each of these course modules is intended to be experiential and help you lead a better lifestyle by adopting a healthier lifestyle and routine.

Course modules

Health and Wellness with Ayurveda – Ingredients of good health (7 weeks)

This introductory level course explores different aspects of life, i.e., diet and nutrition, lifestyle and routines, thoughts and feelings, internal values and mindset, and our relationships, as they all contribute to keeping us healthy. Then implement in life the lessons learnt or revisited during the workshop.

This is a 7 week, once a week online LIVE course. We connect online, learn and discuss and get “homework” for each week. New topics are discussed each week, and some relevant exercises are provided. The focus is on implementing what we learn. We also look at what is going on for you in the appropriate topic and the support you would like, any wins you had and any tips or best practices you can share. Towards the end of the course, the focus will be on providing accountability and personal health and well-being practices.

Foods for Peace and Wellness (4 weeks)

“If food is good, medicine is of no need, and if food is not good, medicine is of no use”.

Dietary practices and nutrition in Ayurveda encourage a conscious way of living and eating. What you eat, where you eat, how was the food cooked and served will all affect your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Eat food that works for you! Eat to create peace within you. Avoid eating food that causes agitation or inertia.

This course is for you if you are keen to make conscious life choices for:

  • Improving your awareness of diet and lifestyle principles
  • Learning about the effects of food on the mind.
  • Learning the Principles of Ayurvedic nutrition
  • Integrating dietary principles of Ayurveda in living a healthy, natural lifestyle and enhancing your spiritual practices.

Creating mindset for healthy and enriched life (10weeks)

Ayurveda does not stigmatize mental health. The practice of Ayurveda understands that the mind and body are related to each other in a very fundamental way.

This course focuses on 10 different techniques that can be implemented to change your mindset and improve the quality of your life.

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One session of Masterclass in Ayurveda – How to understand genetic individuality and how to apply it to establish wellness

WHO [World Health Organization] recognises Ayurveda as the most ancient and holistic health care system with texts said to be about 6000 years old.

Ayurveda is a science of life (Ayur means life; Veda means science or knowledge). It offers a body of wisdom designed to help people realise their full human potential.

This course will help you discover how to recognise your genetic individuality, your mind-body type. You will learn about your doshas and how understanding your doshas will benefit you in choosing your diet, lifestyle, health and well-being, in your mental health and emotions. Understanding your genetic individuality and maintaining its specific balance unique to you allows you to make optimal choices to create a lifestyle that supports your unique nature.


Creating a life worth living plus vision board

This workshop is about immersion in your own life, focus on what is your life that makes meaning to you, create clarity and outcomes that you would love.

Once you have this clarity, you select images and words from magazines and paste them on a big poster board. Seeing this board each day aligns your brain with the outcomes you most want to attract (Ask Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres and Katy Perry)

The workshop is conducted in two parts.

  • Part 1 is where we do some “exercises” together.
  • Then for part 2 (a week later), we get together for the most important aspect of the workshop – your presentation, based on what you did in the previous session and your “homework” during the time at home.

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