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Mind Body Soul Stress – Ayurveda Guide to Remove Stress

Mind Body Soul Stress – Ayurveda Guide to Remove Stress


Ayurveda Guide to Remove Stress from Ayurveda Awareness Centre, Perth


Stress is not something that should be innate in our everyday lives, but it’s something we all experience.

Stress can be caused by any situation that might hurt or upset you, for example.
1) Breakdown of a relationship or loss of a relative
2) Financial loss
3) loss of face

Signs of stress can be irritability, depression and emotional instability.

Mind Body Soul Stress provides insight into listening to what your body is telling you with your daily activities, and how they might lead to your mental health and well-being in today’s hectic world.

This Ayurvedic guide to removing stress covers dieting and lifestyle plans and how to change your activities to bringing a stress-free, fulfilling and healthy life.

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