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Daily Routines for Wellness Workshop

Daily Routines for Wellness Workshop


Special Offer Available. Please check details in below Product Description.


Adopting a daily routine is also a very purposeful and enduring act of love and self-care. Each day, our routines provide us with a tangible opportunity to prioritize our own health and well-being, regardless of what else might be going on in our lives. They become poignant reminders that we are, in fact, worthy of a healthy dose of loving attention every single day.

Come spend time with us every 3rd Saturday of the month, in getting yourself started on a 20 – 25min daily routine for yourself. Together with you, we will help seamlessly integrate this routine that is simple yet powerful. You will learn and experience for yourself how these daily routines can reward you by increasing your sense of wellness – physical, mental and emotional.

Come in loose, comfortable clothes and bring your yoga mat with you.

Cost $70 normal

Cost $60 early bird when paid by 7th of each month.

Cost – $50 per session for – Packaged bundle of 3 sessions/ Seniors / When you bring a friend (Your friend gets $50/session too!) 
Note: To avail this offer, please apply coupon code ‘aacdaily’ while making payment.

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