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Ayurveda Relaxation and Wellbeing Retreat


Ayurveda Relaxation and Wellbeing Retreat


For the last 20 Years, AAC has been offering its clients:

  • Lifestyle consults creating a balance in custom diet and lifestyle most suited to their unique mind-body complex
  • Experiential learning programs for prevention of ill health.
  • Detoxification and rejuvenation Ayurveda treatments.
  • Nationally recognised Ayurveda courses
  • Ayurveda retreats and seminars

About the facilitators

Dr Rajen Cooppan, (MBChB, MD)

Medical Director Wellness On The Go

Principal Ayurveda Consultant

  • He Is the Founder / Course developer for The Foundation Training In Clinical Ayurveda (FTCA)
  • Has 43 years of clinical experience in integrating Clinical Ayurveda into medical practice in Australia and South Africa
  • Has trained over 180 doctors and health care workers in the skills of Clinical Ayurveda in Australia and South Africa

He will be conducting seminars on Key Role of Ayurveda in Preventative Health. Topics that he would cover are as follows:

  • Prakruti – your Unique Body type
  • Ayurveda for preventative health
  • Six stages of disease
  • Digestion – Key to Health and Disease

Neerja Ahuja, Adv. Dip. Ayu.

Principal Ayurveda Consultant, Retreat Facilitator & Yoga Therapist

  • She Is a founding director of Ayurveda Awareness Centre and Principal Ayurveda Consultant for 20 years
  • Has a published writer in national magazines and professional journals.
  • Her online Ayurveda courses are being taken in 135 countries by thousands of students
  • Leads regular educational workshops and runs clinical practice.

She will be conducting workshops at the retreat on the following topics:

  • Choose appropriate lifestyle according to body type
  • Immunity enhancing herbs and daily routines
  • Yoga and breathing exercises for relaxation
  • Choose “right” foods according to your Prakruti

Date: 3-6 June, 2022

Location: St John of God Retreat Centre, 47 Gloucester Crescent, Shoalwater, WA – 6169

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