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Ayurvedic Nutrition concerns itself with the effects of various types of food on the quality of the mind, the digestion and the balance of the doshas. Ayurveda asserts that almost all diseases arise on a physical level from improper metabolism, and generally attributes this to weak digestion and unbalanced doshic functioning. Ayurveda also recognizes the crucial role proper nutrition plays in maintaining good mental health, and peace – the key to keeping the parts of life fully connected to their underlying source in wholeness.

Eating right is a lifelong commitment and a good diet is a reflection of this.

This 30 hours Ayurvedic Nutrition program is for health enthusiasts and yogis, to provide an insight into Ayurvedic Nutrition and how it can be personally used to improve health and wellbeing at the deeper level.

It is also an introduction for dietitians and other health practitioners in the concepts of Ayurvedic nutrition.

You will be learning about fundamental principles of Ayurveda, the three doshas, mahabhutas, the three gunas. You will be learning about emotions and mental, emotional toxins and how foods are used to remove dullness or agitation from the mind and how it can be used to bring peace.

You will spend time in planning your own diet, create your own list of foods to favour and food to avoid – for physical health, and for mental health.

SPECIAL : For next 8 weeks after the course, follow up with 15 minutes weekly mini-consultations with Neerja

There will be a cooking demo for you to learn some quick and easy recipes for good health.

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