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Learning Ayurveda – AAC Ayurveda Training Australia

We have found during our one-on-one interactions with clients that education has been the key to long term health improvement. Through ayurveda training & education, clients benefit in their physical and emotional  health and with understanding ayurvedic principles, their discipline in following an appropriate diet and lifestyle is much more improved.

Teaching and empowering clients about emotional intelligence generally improved their health in all domains of life. This has led us to develop workshops on “Enhancing Emotional Intelligence” and a new program, “Creating a Life Worth Living”. These simple yet powerful programs are designed to support and improve the overall wellbeing of human life.

We have been running numerous workshops and seminars on wellness, related to diet, lifestyle, nutrition, emotional health, Yoga and Ayurveda, Women’s health and many more topics, in-house, or for yoga schools, hospital, and interested groups.

As a Registered Training Organization (RTO) we have run trainings in Ayurveda offering Certificate IV and Advanced Diploma in Ayurveda for many years. Currently we are not offering these courses.

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