Inner Management – The Wisdom of Leadership.

/ Inner Management – The Wisdom of Leadership

Inner Management – The Wisdom of Leadership

“I love doing this…” gives a different experience and feeling in the body from “Oh, I hate doing this….”.

The first one makes one tired before even starting, yet the second one can make one feel exhilarated  even when the work itself makes one physically tired.

Before any action, comes a thought. And that thought determines results we get at many levels –  emotional, physical, tangible and intangible…. (READ MORE)

We will be looking at managing inner self to become better leaders in the community

– be it business, home, work organization or anywhere else where the leadership  qualities are required.

Research indicates, a strong character is common to leadership in all fields of work and forms 90% of our  potential. Remaining 10% is knowledge in chosen field of work.

A good manager knows that best results come when people’s heart are in what they are doing, using full  potential to give their best for something – not just working at their basic skill level.

A finding by Stanford Research Institute in USA: This study concludes that: 12% of effective management is knowledge and 88% is dealing appropriately with people. It is essentially the character of a leader that enables him to deal appropriately with people. No superficially acquired skill can replace this fundamental truth. They seem to have two things in common: They are all persons of character; They have an inner structure that is composed of certain universal qualities.

We put a lot of energy in management of business. Learning to manage interiority is another one. To  become a good leader, one must be able to master the inner thought process. Inner Management refines  the thought processes and makes us effective in managing ourselves and other people.

The course is intended for anyone in any kind of leadership – managing workplace or home and  children, aspiring managers and professionals or anyone else, keen to develop a style of leadership that  is both personally distinctive and organizationally attuned.

Course objectives are to understand components of effective leadership; to increase self-awareness; to  deal with people and how to persuade them to give their best; to provide deep insight into how the mind is  created and how it works; to explore the construct of your intellect and its connection to your  consciousness. Participants will learn to develop skills and capabilities for more effective team-building  and team management that can feed into strategic influencing in their workplace or home.

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