Winter Warming Foods

Don’t eat raw, cold or dry food in the winter. Winter is time to eat warm, moist and slightly oily foods. Enjoy and relish your soups, even have some chilli hot foods to create heat in the body if needed.

Warming Winter Chai for Two:

water 4 cups

fresh ginger ½ inch piece

black pepper 5-10 corns

sacred basil 5-8 leaves (if available)

other optionals:

cloves 2,

ground nutmeg couple of pinches,

cinnamon 1 inch stick or 1/4th tsp powder

cardamom 2

Boil all together on slow heat for at least 5 minutes or till the water reduces to 2 cups. You can add black tea and milk if you really want, but not essential. Add sweetener of choice if needed and serve. Remember: Honey is best added at room temperature as honey in hot drinks, cooking and baking, creates toxins, blocking the body’s channels.

This tea is also great preventative for colds and flu.