Why am I feeling tired all the time?

Do you feel tired at times or on a regular basis, brain-dead, emotionally stressed out, or just exhausted? Majority of adults suffer from stress and tiredness. A stress-driven body and mind is the major cause of tiredness and fatigue, and unfortunately, for many people this is a normal state of living in today’s hectic world. Most of us seem to have lost touch with our inner self. This lack of energy comes from many different places.

If you go to a doctor complaining of constant tiredness and fatigue, with no enthusiasm for life, you will have a series of tests to rule out the diseases that can sometimes cause these symptoms.  Most of the times, the tests may come back normal and your doctor will not be able to diagnose your problem. You still feel tired and are now probably frustrated as well, and don’t know where to go. This lack of life force (or prana, or Qi or vital energy) is a problem that most traditional doctors don’t have answer for.

Ayurveda offers a natural approach to healing tiredness that goes beyond the limitations of modern medicine. From the Ayurvedic perspective, tiredness represents a lack of integration between body, mind, and soul. Ayurveda as a medical system has proven its robustness by being around for more than 6000 years in written form, and many thousand years before that, in oral tradition. According to Ayurveda, due to accumulated toxins in the mind-body system, the life force is unable to flow freely, resulting in tiredness and fatigue, chronic pain, weak digestion and other disorders. This also affects our optimism, confidence, and the stamina needed to enjoy success, love and happiness, leading to depression and many other emotional and psychological issues.

Fortunately, life force or prana energy is the core of our being, and the long term solution to all of these imbalances is dissolving the accumulated toxins and allowing the life force to flow from its source deep within ourselves to every aspect of our lives.

The first step in correcting fatigue is to determine the cause. It means identifying the patterns of behavior that are not in harmony with your own individual nature. The lifestyle choices that are right for one person may be inappropriate for another. Understanding your unique mind-body type or dosha, and learning how to make choices to re-establish balance is most important. Digestive problems are often at the root of tiredness, (this also involves “digestion though your sense.” What you see, hear, etc is also assimilated in the body and falls in wider definition of digestion) You can ask yourself if your fatigue is caused by physical, mental or emotional factors. Once you know which behavior is causing the fatigue, you look at how to change or stop that behavior. Become familiar with your stress-point and your own level of comfort.

It is also important to get a standard medical evaluation to rule out common physical causes of tiredness, such as undetected heart disease, lack of key nutrients, thyroid or hormonal imbalances, though most of the times disease is not really the underlying cause.

There are almost always other important issues blocking a person’s life force, so it’s important to ask yourself a lot of questions and understand what was happening in your life when your energy began to drop, including:

• Am I happy and enthusiastic about my job?

• Do I like and respect the people I work with? Do they like and respect me?

• How is my appetite? What am I eating?

• Do I exercising regularly? Is it enough, more or less?

• How is my elimination? Does it feel complete?

• Am I sleeping well at night?

• Are my most intimate relationships nourishing? Or do they sap my energy?

• Can I openly communicate my feelings and needs to my family and friends?

Based on your understanding of your mind-body type and your responses to these questions, you can take steps to eliminate the toxins that are preventing you from experiencing the flow of prana and joy in your life. As you release the physical and emotional toxins, you will gradually but surely recapture the vitality you have been missing.

You can work with an Ayurvedic practitioner looking at potential causes of tiredness and fatigue. An Ayurvedic practitioner works with you, customize a program of diet, nutrition, and herbal supplements, along with exercise and stress reduction techniques to help you regain balance within your lifestyle. This Ayurvedic approach is thorough and life-changing.

Panchkarma, an Ayurvedic detoxification “spring cleaning” program for body-mind, is highly effective in treating tiredness and fatigue. By ridding the body of toxic materials, this rejuvenative program aids in restoring a normal, healthy balance in the body.

At Ayurveda Awareness centre, we regularly offer many programs to work with you and release this life force within you so you can enjoy your life. Programs include consultations, panchakarma detox, 2 week detox challenge, short courses, workshops and seminars on relevant topics. You can call/ email now to book you in a program of your interest or a consultation.