Understanding Mind-Body Type and its Importance at Home

Ayurveda is an ancient science which is said to be 40,000 years old, with texts said to be about 6000 years old. So deeply ingrained in the human experience this ancient science has remained relevant throughout history and into today’s fast paced digital world.

Ayurveda originated in what is now India, gives us a complete paradigm of life. It covers not only the medicinal aspect, but it touches our consciousness, mind, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Ayurveda helps us to achieve a body which works in balance, and when this is achieved, it radiates throughout the body. For example, when our body is attuned to our innate nature, our diet and lifestyle, then we can maintain good health.

Ayurveda has such a flexible approach to wellness and promoting well-being. Anyone can incorporate Ayurveda into their everyday life, whether at home, at work, or practically everywhere.

The following are benefits that the understanding of Ayurveda and understanding mind-body type (prakruti) offers to everyone.

  • Helps in understanding people at home. If you are a parent, practicing Ayurveda will help you understand why your children behave the way they do. Also, helps better understand your spouse, siblings, parents, in-laws, etc.
  • In relation to diet and nutrition, you will know what food will work for individuals at home and what will not work. For example, a person with a dominating vata dosha in her/his body will experience more anxiety or agitation from eating salads. So what is best food for him/her? They will typically benefit from foods that are warm, moist and slightly oily. Practicing Ayurveda will help you prepare more suitable meals that will promote balance and wellness to your loved ones.
  • Knowing what kind of exercise routine for yourself or your family members will be a great help. For example, Kapha types need to jog, run and do a lot of vigorous exercise whereas a vata type needs to undertake gentle, relaxed exercise.
  • Ayurveda covers almost everything, including the colour of clothing. For example, blue or green colors are soothing for individuals with more Pitta dosha in their bodies, compared to bright red colour.
  • Knowing your mind-body type will also help in finding suitable work and career. In life, success and happiness at work is important as most people will spend a third in their lifetime with it. Hence, with the use of Ayurveda, it is highly recommended that you know what work and career soothes your body type.
  • You will benefit from understanding yourself and your spouse better. You will understand and appreciate their mental processes and attitudes. Often, having a deeper understanding of their body types will bring compassion for them and often we therefore find better ways of dealing with them in those “sticky” situations.
  • Perhaps surprisingly, Ayurveda can also help in choosing pets for your children and loved ones. You can match what pet is suitable for you. For example, my own child with a bit of vata perfectly matches a Labrador dog. The dog’s kapha energy helps to anchor the child’s energy when she is anxious. A Jack Russell, with its vata energy may not have been a good companion pet for her as the chances are, both would be jumping off the walls together with their nervous energy.

By being mindful of our own mind-body type and of others, we can help achieve a balanced and harmonious world. If you have a deeper understanding of people with dominating Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas, then you can help them achieve health and have better relationships. We can also get rid of the stresses and anxieties that destroy our sense of “balance” and thus bring wellness.

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Key Ayurvedic Terms:

A thousands of years old system of healing with origins in the “Vedic” culture of ancient India. The Sanskrit word Ayurveda is derived from the root words “ayu”, meaning “life” or “longevity,” and “veda”, meaning “science”. Ayurveda literally translates as, “the Science of Life.”

One of three functional energies in nature: vata, pitta, and kapha. In the body, it is the unique ratio of these three “doshas” that determines an individual’s “prakruti” (constitution / mind – body type). When the doshas are present in “appropriate” quantities, they support the health and integrity of the body; when they are out of balance, they can cause illness and disease.

Prakruti (or prakriti or mind-body type) Constitution; the unique ratio of “vata”, “pitta” and “kapha” doshas established at conception and resulting in a unique set of physical, emotional, and mental tendencies, strengths, and vulnerabilities.

Kapha. One of the three “doshas” (functional energies in nature); kapha is made up of the earth and water elements and governs structure and cohesiveness.

One of the three “doshas” (functional energies in nature); pitta is predominated by mainly fire and some air and water elements, and it governs transformation.

One of the three doshas (functional energies in nature); vata is predominated by the space and air elements and governs movement and communication.