Purvakarma and Panchakarma (PK) treatments help improve mental, physical, and emotional health

According to Ayurveda, most disease, including anxiety, stress and depression, begin when “toxins” accumulate in tissues and disrupt the body’s delicate biochemistry. Ayurveda Awareness stress management treatment programs effectively remove toxins and provide rejuvenation.

Doing a Panchakarma/ Purvakarma (PK) spring cleanse typically will help to prevent disease, increase energy levels, invigorate sense organs, balance agni(digestive fire) and boost immunity.

The most profound effect Panchakarma treatments offer, is the manner in which they reconnect the individual to their true nature that is often obscured by stress and toxic accumulation. The rebalancing that occurs in the nervous system is most noticeable, and the deep sense of feeling centred is often transformational. At times a few kilograms in weight are lost during treatment – a positive sign that toxins are indeed being removed”

If you are interested to know more about Panchakarma, to know more 


Ayurveda Awareness Centre delivers the services which allow the individual to better manage their life, living in a state of being consciously aware, at ease with the world and all within it and able to make good decisions to better their life and community.

Change of Season Panchakarma will be offered at Ayurveda Awareness from Monday 27th March to Friday 21st April for 4 weeks.

You can pick a week that suits you to receive panchakarma treatments

Why Change of Season panchakarma are different

It is our important job to look after our health – physical, mental, emotional – like we send our car for regular servicing and we pull the weeds regularly to keep the garden looking beautiful, with Ayurveda, we work at prevention of illness and rejuvenation.
Panchakarma is Ayurveda’s gift to us to do just that. Change of season is the best time to do Panchakarma treatments according to Ayurvedic texts as we are aligning with the rhythms of nature. To avail this opportunity of the rhythms of nature, once again we are giving specials on Purvakarma / Panchakarma (PK) treatments for four weeks. 

What next?

  • Organize leave from work. You can make a tentative booking for any of these dates/ times for one week.
  • Make a booking for a consultation to work out the treatment protocol for you before the date of your treatments. 

Panchakarma treatments happen at AAC throughout the year in case you cannot attend the change of season PK in March/ April this year.

Please let us know asap if you intend coming as numbers are limited.