Learning Self Health Care with Ayurveda

Self Health Care

Learning Self Health Care with Ayurveda

  1. The most needed thing for your own self in today’s unhealthy environment is Self-care? Self-care refers to your actions and attitudes that are needed for maintaining your overall well-being and promoting preventative personal health. It also requires a certain level of knowledge of your body, mind and emotions and learning how to manage them.
  2. Learn basics of Ayurveda for preventative health.
  3. Learn about your own body type; your imbalances – how they have accumulated and what can you do to reverse the process; concept of doshas and how is it relevant to everything you do – what you eat or drink, where you work and what you do in life; how seasons and stage of life affect you; and more. This will support you in preventative self-health care.
  4. Register today for enrolment in to our 4 week “Learning Self Health Care” with Ayurveda program
  5. includes $330 of FREE gifts


Wednesdays – July 30th , August 6th, 13th and 20th

Can be combined with 2 week detox program starting Aug 27th – Sept 11th 2014

Program Fee

$895.00, includes $330 of FREE gifts

  • Includes a FREE 1.5 hour consultation/ one on one study time with course facilitator, saving $150
  • Join in our next 2 week detox program – for FREE, saving $100
  • Gift Voucher of $30 for an Ayurvedic Snehana Massage
  • Gift Voucher of $50 for attending any of “Emotional Intelligence with Ayurveda” workshops within next year.
  • For a yoga teacher or health practitioner, check for CPE points


If all classes attended and assignment done, a Certificate of Attendance will be issued at the end of the program