Learn the basics of Ayurveda with Foundation Training in Clinical Ayurveda (FTCA) at Ayurveda Awareness Centre

By bringing Ayurveda in your life, you’ll learn to establish balance and harmony through diet, lifestyle, nutrition, herbs, meditation, and daily routines. This helps in prevention of disease, bringing youthfulness and vitality.

FTCA Event Programme

FTCA is our signature course for Other Health Practitioners, including GPs, and for individuals on a health journey for their own benefit. It has already been taken on by many doctors, nurses and other practitioners since offering the course in WA. Ayurveda Awareness Centre brings Foundation Training in Clinical Ayurveda (FTCA) to you in Perth and Brisbane.

This is a unique opportunity for anyone who’s concerned about her/his own health and wellbeing. Supporting a healthy body and mind and a science that goes beyond one’s physical health, Ayurveda is truly a spiritual journey towards a healthy lifestyle.

By enrolling in this one year course, you’ll learn the principles of Ayurvedic science—the knowledge and practices for healthy body and mind. Even if you’re working fulltime, you can still join the training as the course delivery is through flexible learning. A large proportion of the studies are experiential, i.e. experimenting with and adopting appropriate diet and lifestyle routines in your own life.

Neerja Ahuja, Principal Consultant at Ayurveda Awareness Centre, facilitates foundation Training in Clinical Ayurveda (FTCA) and Dr. Rajen Cooppan, a world-renowned teacher and doctor of Ayurveda, has prepared the training curriculum. Course is scheduled to start from June 2016 in Perth and July in Brisbane. To apply, mail us on neerja.ahuja@ayurveda-awareness.com.au to setup the interview.