Keep the Car of the Body Moving

Panchakarma Treatment

If our body is compared to our car then our mind is in the driver’s seat. Having a great car is not enough. It is really the driver who can take you to your desirable destination. How do you keep the driver focused on destination? How often do you take food to nourish your body? Does not your mind require to be fed equally? To feed the belly and starve the mind is like decorating the car and starving the driver! To keep the car of the body moving, you must feed the driver of the mind. While the body is nourished in innumerable ways, we feed the mind by staying calm and peaceful and an inner silence. If you need nourishment for your mind and spring cleaning your body-mind, we offer Purvakarma and Panchakarma treatments. These treatments have been used for thousands of years for pulling deep rooted toxins out of tissues to be expelled. Typically people experience increased vitality, sense on connectedness, increased focus, and peace within after their treatments. Like spring cleaning, it is good to do them regularly, ideally twice a year. Contact us and set up time to find if these treatments are suitable for you. Consultations can happen face to face or through skype if interstate.