Why do we need an established mind?

The mind affects everything – our mind is responsible for our joy, happiness, motivation, habits, and relationships. Hence, we need to get our minds in balance. An established mind “correctly” helps us to live our lives to the fullest. This is a powerful tool as it let us live happier, and to achieve a more positive biological functioning. The effective functioning of our minds can actually help manage stress and our daily life issues.

Established Mind Vs Unestablished Mind

Let us assess how established your mind is? Take a look at the following examples of qualities below. In your mind answer the following if these are part of being an established or an unestablished mind:

  • Clarity
  • Focus
  • Wisdom
  • Confidence
  • Faith in self
  • Commitment
  • Sense of purpose

importance of established mind

Where do you think they belong? To an established mind or an unestablished mind?
Moving forward, let us name some more qualities. You can look at them and see where do they belong:

  • Wavering mind
  • Can’t make decision?
  • High stress
  • High BP, maybe

Looks like life is crumbling and falling apart? Or as we call it, crazy monkey mind where it runs around all over our world of past experiences and future expectations, generating an enormous stream of thoughts at great speed.

Why do we need an established mind?

why we need an established mind

We need to have an established mind because success in life – at home, at work, and in our relationships – depends on established mind. Being joyful and peaceful are mental and emotional states that we all want to achieve in our everyday life. So how do we get that? How do we move from an unestablished mind to an established mind? And, how can we keep the mind consistently in balance and established in Self? Keep in mind that we don’t live at any one of those places permanently, we have to constantly make an effort to achieve an established mind. To get an idea of what to do, let us first look atthe following example.

Have you ever cleaned your kitchen cupboard, clothes cupboard or pantry or shed ever? Did you organize and put everything nicely and neatly? After the laborious task of cleaning and organizing, do you remember how having an organized cupboard, or whatever you started with, made you feel?

Then, while you don’t do anything about it to maintain the cleanliness and organization, for example, for a month or two, does it look the same or has it become a little bit more disorganized again?

This disorganization, did it happen overnight or it happened in slow and almost invisible regular steps?

You know you’ve started at a good place but then slowly things started changing. Later, we would notice that we have gone from organized to disorganized.

Let’s take a look at another example, maybe you have a backyard garden and one day, you spent hours cleaning your garden removing all the weeds. But you will notice that if you don’t do anything to maintain that garden, the weeds will grow back again. It didn’t happen overnight but slowly it went from clean and organized to slowly growing weeds again.

This is similar to how our minds work. We are all born with joy within – a mind that is inherently peaceful and joyful. However, if we do nothing to keep it established, “clean” and organized, then slowly the sadness, the anger, the frustrations of life, can take over our minds. We cannot let this happen to our minds!

Importance of Established Mind

We must keep our minds at a place where we need to have daily or weekly or monthly practices; maybe half-yearly or yearly practices to keep it joyful and peaceful. Certainly, our minds require maintenance too. It needs cleaning just like what we do to our homes and gardens. Hence, we need to learn how to use techniques to keep our minds clean and organized such as using herbs, proper diet and lifestyle, positive thinking, and many more, to bring that established mind or anchored mind. We can learn to develop daily practices through meditation. For diet, learn to have warm foods, moist foods, and slightly oily foods especially if we are feeling that our mind is wavering. Furthermore, it can also aid us in balancing our energy systems -the koshas.

There are also routines that can be used to bring back that sense of feeling anchored, where you can be more positive, joyful or peaceful. These positive feelings make you more connected to a mind and body that is confident and has a sense of purpose. At Ayurveda Awareness Centre, we have tools and techniques that can bring us to an established mind. To keep our healthy mind-body connection, we need to have something in place as a preventative measure so that we can continue to feel and experience that established mind. We don’t need to allow ourselves to live life of despair, frustration, anger and sadness and such.

You can book your 90-minute consultation with us for creating a plan and strategy to support in your wellness. You can also look at doing some “detox” and rejuvenation treatment programs that we offer. May we all always find a way to live a life that has joy, healthy relationships, contentment, and success.

Neerja Ahuja
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