“Emotional Intelligence with Ayurveda” – Do I Really Need Self Discipline?

The preventive measures of health and wellbeing, as suggested by Ayurveda, which are considered one of the most comprehensive techniques in any system of medicine, are simple routines that only require continual, consistent following. This ultimately demands self-discipline to take us beyond diseases and disorders. Ayurveda lays great importance to self-discipline, as sustained self-discipline and perseverance can transform our physical health and well-being to the subtlest form of health that encompasses balance of mind and happiness at the spiritual level.

Ayurveda describes in intricate detail the development and effect of mental and emotional “toxins” and their impact on the mind, behaviour, choices and eventual disease.

The study of the mind from this Ayurvedic perspective is a vital skill for the Ayurvedic practitioner, since it provides the basic understanding of why we do what we do, how our “inappropriate thinking” manifests as mental, emotional or physical imbalances or diseases.

One of the fundamental concepts of Ayurveda is that we exist at the levels of body, mind, senses and the soul. This 40,000 years old medical system has provided knowledge about the science of “psycho-neuro-immuno-endocrinology”: the biological basis of mind–body physiology and pathophysiology which is now at the cutting edge of modern medicine.

In medicine, things like sadness, listlessness, lack of motivation, despair and discouragement are not really taken as disease, but they affect one’s blood and brain chemistry and distract from living a purposeful life. They affect physical, mental emotional health, physical appearance and our relationships.

In Ayurveda, we use herbs, diet, lifestyle, massage and other treatment protocols to bring changes in the mind that will help also bring changes in the body health.

Invariably, my clients who have been coming to us for some time, reach a place where we are talking a lot more about the mind and emotions than just their body and its ailments.

So this year we have started programs for you to explore your own mind and emotions. The sessions are all individually separate sessions but can be also be linked as part of increasing your “Emotional Intelligence using Ayurveda”.

What: Workshop – Self Discipline – Do I really need it?

When: Thursday 19th June  2014, 6.00 PM – 9.00 PM

Where: 10/22 Shields Crescent, Booragoon, WA 6154 (off Norma Road)

Cost: Introductory Price of $150

Herbal tea and refreshments provided

Event Completed

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