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A Guide to Finding Inner Peace

In today’s fast-paced world, finding moments of relaxation and tranquillity can be challenging. But, with the practice of Bhramari Pranayama, also known as Bumble Bee Breath, you can achieve a state of calmness and inner peace. Here I will show you the steps to perform Bhramari Pranayama and the benefits it can bring to your life.

What is Bhramari Pranayama?

Bhramari Pranayama is a breathing technique that involves creating a resonating sound, similar to the humming of a bee. It is a simple yet powerful pranayama practice that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. By closing your ears and eyes while performing Bhramari Pranayama, you create a state of sensory withdrawal, allowing you to focus inward and experience deep relaxation.

How to Practise Bhramari Pranayama

1. Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit. It is good to practise Bhramari Pranayama on an empty stomach, but also okay to do it any time of the day. I definitely recommend doing it at bed time for a relaxed, deep sleep.

2. Remove any glasses or accessories that may obstruct the process.

3. Place your thumb on the flaps of your ears, covering them from the outside.

4. Gently close your eyes, covering your eyes with fingers, blocking out any visual distractions.

5. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly with a soft “um” sound, feeling the vibration resonating inside your head.

6. Repeat this process for a few breaths, focusing on the sound and sensation created by the humming.

7. You can choose to perform Bhramari Pranayama for a specific number of breaths, such as five, seven, or eleven, depending on your preference and schedule.

 Benefits of Bhramari Pranayama

1.       Stress Reduction

 The sensory withdrawal created by Bhramari Pranayama helps calm the mind and reduce stress levels, promoting a sense of relaxation and well-being.

2.       Improved Sleep

Practising Bhramari Pranayama before bedtime can aid in winding down and preparing the body for a restful sleep.

3.       Mental Clarity

Regular practice of Bhramari Pranayama can improve focus, concentration, and mental clarity, allowing you to approach tasks with a calm and centred mindset.

4.       Anxiety and Depression Management

The deep breathing technique of Bhramari Pranayama activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for inducing a state of relaxation and reducing anxiety and depression symptoms.

5.       Energising and Balancing

Despite its calming effects, Bhramari Pranayama can also leave you feeling rejuvenated and energised, making it a perfect practice to incorporate into your daily routine.

Bhramari Pranayama is a simple but powerful technique that can transform the way you experience relaxation and inner peace. By incorporating this practice into your daily routine, you can effectively reduce stress, improve sleep quality, enhance mental clarity, and manage anxiety and depression. Take a few moments each day to close off the outside world and journey within through the gentle hum of Bhramari Pranayama. Experience the profound benefits this ancient practice has to offer and embark on a path of tranquillity and well-being.

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About The Author

Neerja Ahuja

Neerja Ahuja

Neerja is a Trained Consultant, Yoga Therapist and Course Facilitator since 2001, teaching Ayurveda and running her clinical practice. Principal Consultant, Director and Course Facilitator at Ayurveda Awareness Centre (AAC) www.ayurveda-awareness.com.au , Adv. Dip. in Ayu., Dip in Human Values , M.A. (Mathematical Statistics), Grad. Dip. (Computing)

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