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Dosha Quiz to Know Your Mind-Body Type

Shape of face Jaw line
Thin, bony, high cheek bones, Plain looking elongatedOval, angular Medium fullnessRound, square, Full, attractive. broad jaw line
Narrow, Deviated nasal septumStraight, hooked, Flared, upturned nostrilsBroad. bulbous, Wide nostrils
Narrow, Deviated nasal septumStraight, hooked, Flared, upturned nostrilsBroad. bulbous, Wide nostrils
Sclera (white of the eye)
Grey and dark yellow, lightish blueReddish or glossy, yellowishWhite, milky
Facial skin,Texture and Complexion
Thin, dry, rough. Cracked or scaly. Veins are often visible. Dark complexion (no subcutaneous fat)Moist, slightly oily, freckles, moles 'Pock-marked' from previous inflammation, acne, Coppery or ruddy complexionPale, oily, soft. smooth
Hair colour. Texture
Thin, coarse. dry and wiry Darker in colour, scaly, dandruffThin, fine, soft, blond or red, Early balding, early graying. Moles/freckles. Hair looks like flames coming out from scalpThick, glossy, firmly rooted Wavy and black
Thin, prominent veins, arterial pulsations visible (no fat)Moderate thickness, muscularThickset, well covered, stump-like, almost no neck
Thin bones, little muscle bulk Little subcutaneous fatModerate bone structure Good muscle bulk Intermediate subcutaneous fatDense, thick bones Great muscle bulk Greater subcutaneous fat
Tendons and Veins
ProminentNeither hidden nor prominentDeep and hidden
Antero-Posterior Diameter of Chest
Narrow Reduced cardio-respiratory reserve – tire easily – commonly tired at 2-4pmIntermediate Good cardio-respiratory reserveWide Great cardio-respiratory reserve
Pronounced, loose or rigid Crack and pop (not a disease)Smooth, flexible, well knitStrong, well covered
Very short or very long, spindlyMedium length, square or ovalThick, stubby, fleshy
Short, often bitten, brittle, roughPink or coppery In colourThick, well rooted, oily, soft. glossy
Body odour
Little or no smell or perspirationStrong, fetid, especially axillaNone
Body weight
LightMediumHeavy (puts on weight easily)
Body Temperature
Low. cold extremities. Acutely feels changes in temperatureHigh, always feels warmLow, body feels cool
Very small or very big, protruding. Crooked. easily crackedModerate size, yellowishStrong and large, white
Dark, dry, crackedSoft, pink or copper colouredFull, thick, moist, oily
Body hair
ScantyModerateThick & plentiful (lots in ears)
ProminentNot so visibleWell covered, not visible
Rib cage
LightMediumHeavy (puts on weight easily)
Scaphold (hollowed out)FlatRound, full, protruding
Gait (walk)
Erratic, unco-ordinated, All limbs moveSteady, determined, controlled, stridingSlow, glides, ambles along, plodding
Involuntary body movements
Twitching, Jerking, fine tremorsBody is usually stillBody Is usually still – (No involuntary – can remain very still)
Peculiar eye characteristics
Dry. frequent blinking, move lotsLight sensitive, easily reddenedTeary or runny

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